UNSC and the RoL: Launch of policy recommendations a success

UN Photo/Mark Garten 

Dr. Jeremy Farrall and Prof. Hilary Charlesworth traveled to New York  this month to launch a set of policy recommendations to strengthen the rule of law through UNSC’s practice. The launch was held at the UN headquarters in New York on 11 March during the Dialogue with Member States on the rule of law at the international level. The event was organised by the Permanent Mission of Australia, the Permanent Mission of Japan, and the Rule of Law Unit, on behalf of the UN Rule of Law Coordination and Resource Group.

Participants to the event included Mr. Edric Selous, Director, Rule of Law Unit, Executive Office of the Secretary-General; H.E. Ambassador Gillian Bird, Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations; Dr. Jeremy Farrall Fellow, Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy, the Australian National University; Prof. Hilary Charlesworth Director, Centre for International Governance and Justice, the Australian National University; Prof. Terence Halliday Co-Director, Center on Law and Globalization, American Bar Foundation; and H.E. Ambassador Motohide Yoshikawa, Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations.

Introduction by Edric Selous, Director of the Rule of Law Unit:

Comments by the Permanent Representative of Australia to the UN

Comments by Prof. Hilary Charlesworth

Comments by Dr. Jeremy Farrall

Comments by Prof. Terence Halliday (part 1 and 2)





New York launch of policy proposals for strengthening the rule of law through the UN Security Council

On Friday 11 March Dr. Jeremy Farrall and Prof. Hilary Charlesworth will launch the Policy Proposals on Strengthening the Rule of Law through the UN Security Council (hyperlink). The Policy Proposals were developed as part of an Australian Research Council Linkage Project entitled ’Strengthening the Rule of law through the UN Security Council’. The Project was a collaboration between the Australian National University and the Australian Government’s Australian Civil-Military Centre.

The Policy Proposals aim to enhance the Security Council’s capacity to strengthen the rule of law, particularly when it deploys peace operations, applies sanctions and authorises the use of force. The Proposals promote a responsive model of decision-making that balances a commitment to preventing the arbitrary use of power with a pragmatic opens to finding the best way to strengthen the rule of law in diverse contexts. The responsive model of the rule of law contains four basic principles that combine to increase the likelihood that the Council’s decision-making will strengthen the rule of law: transparency, consistency, accountability and engagement. According to this model, the more these principles are respected and promoted, both in the making and implementation of Council decisions, the greater the Council’s capacity will be to strengthen the rule of law.

Access the invitation and concept note here.

Access the policy proposals here.